Monday, 17 August 2009

The Summer Block

Has anybody else found a way to come to terms with what happens during the summer? Of course, by "what happens" I really mean what does not happen!

As opposed to the rest of my collegues, who I am now guessing either earn much more than me, or who know something about home economics that I have not as yet figured out, I have been in the office every single day over the last month and a half. For most of this time, I have been alone! Nobody here with me, not a sod!

Has it been easy? No

Has it been fun? NO

Has it been a worthwhile period of really effective productivity? Has it? NO!!!

It has been six weeks of humidity and boredom during the slowest period of the year. The Jews, it appears, are a cold-climate clan, not made for too much "doing" whilst the sun and surf are up.

For philanthropy it has been an interesting time to watch. The markets are confusing commentators with ADHD-like behaviour, Jews are being arrested in Deal, Madoff's ex-lover with a hugh conflict of interest has pretty much destroyed any self-respect Hadassah had left, Israelis have been robbing the IRS blind, and the Fatah has an Israeli Jew on its National Council - all in all not a slow period on the news front, but not news that has served to stir the juices of generosity in those who would perhaps otherwise have been open to giving.

It could have been a good period for hosting tourists.

It could have been a good period for preparing next year's workplan and budget.

It could have been a good time to ensure that all of our marketing literature and social media brands are in order.

It could have been, but for this year it has not been any of those things.

Here are my summer's resolutions, those issues I would like to have rectified by this time next year:

I would like to have a website

I would like to have a mailing list receiving regular communiques

I would like to have an activities budget

I would like to have a marketing budget

I would like to have Nihul Takin

I would like to have a figurehead for my "friends of" in Israel, and one in the US

I would like to have opened avenues to facilitate all forms of giving

I would like to have opened avenues to facilitate the enlistment of new friends and interested parties

I would like to have materials to give to those interested in what we do

I would like to have the means to reach those on my list of targets

More than anything, and as a pre-requisite to realising any of my goals...

...I would like to find the way to bring the message home, once and for all, to "the powers that be", that the investment in proactive efforts is essential in order to succeed.
It is a sad, yet common, fact, that this obvious truth is all to often ignored. The planning stages of the major project at hand, eg. the $200m, 17-storey tower for which I am raising funds, include every single micro stage of building and populating the project, but how the money is to be raised? That is my problem.
When I find the answer, I will let you know, but until then just watch my wish list and see how far I get.

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